More onions


Another onion painting thats a little bit different. It’s on a12″ x 36″ canvas. Now at this time of year painting onions from my garden reminds me of  beautiful fall days.


Harvest Onions

  • Some onions I painted about a month ago that never got posted here. I gave them a couple of more layers of color.


Yesterday’s plein air painting 

There is nothing better than getting out to Plein Air paint even when the wind is blowing.

Prairie Sage 

Acrylic on canvas 10″×30″

Acrylic on canvas 12″×36″

  • I love how weathered and worn the sage becomes out on the hills of the prairie. Each plant has its own character that shines through.

Tomatoe 2

I finally finished this second tomatoe painting I have been working on for awhile. I have posted a couple of pics of the process of layering colors. This one is 24″ x 24″ on canvas.