More plein air painting





I was at the Lake of the Rivers again and thought I should show a bit of water this time.  I am still working from the same place…. today was the day of lady bugs and a little gopher who was watching me.

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out again same place different view


This is at the same coulee by the Lake of the Rivers but just looking further along. It was done just a few days after the last one but somehow I never got it posted. So the colors are still july colors and the only wild adventure that day was a woodtic and garter snake.

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Out Again

2016-07-02 15.29.18This is the second time I got out to paint at the Lake of the Rivers. The coulee is so beautiful with such a range of color. What a challenge to get the light colors in.  The weather was hot and windy but lovely. A mother deer and her fawn came up behind  me curious. She had been pawing at the ground ( she left two big holes in the ground that I saw after), which I never heard and then she snorted …which led me to scream …which then scared the both of them off. So I decided I better be a little more aware of my surroundings when Im out there!

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plein air painting


I finally got out this year for some painting outside before an upcoming storm. It was about 5: 30 pm, the calm before the storm and was just beautiful out. We ended up getting a downpour, an inch of rain in about 1/2 an hour.

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Artist Retreat

These are some pictures from our Artist Retreat this year in Assiniboia. It was wonderful to spend a whole week with other artists and was a productive week for me as well.

works in progress

2016-05-27 14.32.06                       2016-05-28 16.11.13

by the end of the week the final product!!

2016-05-28 16.14.08


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Fall Slough

2016-02-27 20.27.05-1

This past fall was filled with glorious colors in the most unglorious places such as the ordinary ditches and sloughs that are so commonplace. However the colors of the vegetation were not so commonplace. Its so amazing how nature tranforms throughout the year.

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back to sketching


2015-10-11 11.38.21

I’m back to sketching again, my studio space is getting finished properly now with real walls and all. So studio painting is shut down for awhile again. I will get out and do some plein air painting though now that spring is in the air.

These were small clover weeds of some sort that I had found in the fall and saved they dried up nicely enough to still sketch.

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